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Izaya Burciaga evolves as musician, artist, business owner

By La Prensa Staff

ROSSFORD, OH, June 25, 2019: Izaya Burciaga recently opened a salon in Rossford called Confidence, LLC—where the well-coiffed ‘person about town’ can be a walking billboard for Izaya’s new craft, encouraging other Latinos to look and feel their best. Burciaga described it as “New Age.”

Burciaga began a nine-month course to obtain a cosmetologist license at Salon Institute in Toledo after he turned 38, because he “had to see something in my life change for the better.” He had been laid off from several jobs and sensed it “had become a theme.” But he wanted “to have a little more control over that, rather than being controlled.”

“I felt like it was a deep desire within my heart to go after becoming a hair stylist,” he said. “I went full force, going six days a week so that I could get done faster.”    

Burciaga informed La Prensa that “everything came together” as far as his license, the rehab work on his salon, and the mentoring from some other business owners who believed in him offering advice.

He worked for a Perrysburg salon for a short period of time “as a launch pad.” Once he built up a client-base, he set out to open his own location. He checked out the storefront in Rossford at the suggestion of a friend.

“I pursued. I went after it with everything that I had. In my mind, what drove me every day was the fact I had two beautiful daughters and my wife who were backing me up 100 percent,” he said. “I also felt that I was a template for other Latinos.”


“So, I shook off all the doubt and disbelief, and maybe even the people who have not believed in me,” he said. “It was OK. I’ve learned that the most important thing about pursuing goals is having a belief in yourself when no one else believes in you. No matter what obstacle I was facing, as long as I believed in myself, I could make it happen.”

As soon as Burciaga checked out the location a friend suggestion, he knew “in his heart that it was the place to be” even though it needed a lot of work. He called it “a metaphor for knowing that anything worth fighting for is not going to come easy.” A cheaper rent was offered if he did all the rehab work himself; so, he worked all April to get ready for a May 1 opening.

“Now I had momentum. It wasn’t just believing in myself. I had others believing in me,” he said. “They were investing in me—their time, their talent, and their treasure, to make sure I was going to be successful. I’m so honored for that now, knowing that sometimes it requires you stepping out by yourself in order for other people to believe in you and with you.”



Burciaga named his gentleman’s salon Confidence because his goal is to ensure everyone who comes through the door “does not walk out the same way they walked in—they walk out with confidence, boldness, with a self-respect that whatever business they’re in, they walk in confidence and respected in their home, their community.”

“Everything is done with excellence. Everything is in its place. It’s clean. It’s neat and it’s a very beautiful establishment,” he said. “You come in and get excellent customer service in an amazing establishment that is clean, classy, and with jazz music playing. It’s surrounded by positivity, by uplifting thoughts. My goal is to better the lives of everyone who comes in.”

Burciaga says his business “is growing every day,” counting new clients from Rossford, Perrysburg, Oregon, Maumee, and Toledo.

“Many people that are in high society in the community and surrounding communities are attending and receiving an experience,” he said. “Every client is treated with respect, with the highest regard. It’s done with humility. I’m very humble for what I have and what I’m doing.”


Always a Musician

Because of his new business venture, Burciaga has dialed back his performances with the band that bears his name, Izaya Burciaga Live, sometimes known by IB Live, for short. He can still be seen on weekends on stages across Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. He recorded an album, which he stated “made waves” in Texas and México. He called it “a first goal” in a life full of dreams.

“I chose to live a life of entrepreneurship, because there are so many different talents that I have and am very grateful to have,” he said. “Music is my passion. It’s always been my passion, since I was a child performing with my father David Burciaga, brother, and sister in a family band [in Adrian, Michigan]. But I’m also a husband and a father and I enjoy that, too, being with my family.”

Burciaga’s band will stick to Northwest Ohio this summer, with performances August 26 in Fostoria, September 9 in Sylvania, and September 16 in Toledo. The group also will play a private show in late October. His band was selected to perform at the last University of Toledo LSU fundraiser and student recognition.


Mi esposa is my inspiration

Burciaga very quickly calls out his biggest supporter and inspiration—his wife, Taylor Balderas, the executive director of the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center in Toledo. They are a team and called her “his right hand” and the one person who knows how to cheer him up and approach life as “failure is not an option.”

“It means the world to me, because if ever there’s a person in the world I need in my corner, supporting me and believing in me, it’s my wife,” he said. “Because when it’s all said and done, the only words that can affect me in a positive way are the words from my wife’s heart. When she believes in me and supports me, I feel extremely confidence and knowing I’m going to be successful.”

Burciaga has two daughters: Jada, age 18 and Italia, age 8. He and Taylor have been married for 11 years after meeting at a quinceañera in 2005 where he was playing in a band called The Bad Boys from Adrian, Michigan. He recalls introducing himself at the cake table, knowing that was the girl he wanted to marry.

Izaya Burciaga has embraced his role as an artist—both personally and professionally. He has posted his journey, evolution, and metamorphosis on social media, even the haircuts he did in his garage for family and friends. He purposely wanted people to see his progression. Confidence “has the barber shop feel, but it’s more of an experience, not just a cut,” he concluded.



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